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Why Bruin? Here's Luka's Reasons Why...

By Luka Sotelo,

"I came into Bruin only a few months after finishing my last exams at university, just freshly out of both uni and my last job within a large retailer. Recruiting was, as you’ll hear everywhere, something you don’t necessarily choose as a career as much as fall into, and that certainly happened with me and the company: having taken on this opportunity, I got a fresh exposure to recruiting that made me take and evolve my skills from sales further. There’s always been a fresh challenge around the corner, new faces and people to meet, and every goal achieved feels like a proper milestone.

But now that I’m in the recruiting space, why Bruin? And not one of the other 20,000 and more staffing firms in the UK? Well, one of the key reasons for me is how, from day one, my team and this organisation have just gone above and beyond in supporting me – not just in my professional life, but in helping align my personal with the professional as well. Take hybrid working as an example: one of the things I've really appreciated about my time here with Bruin has been being connected with the team not just in our own physical offices, but also being afforded the time to log in and crack on remotely when I've needed it; I’m working from home a minimum of two days a week, but I also am afforded the ability to go further to help fit in life. And earlier in February, that flexibility and understanding from my team meant that one Saturday morning, I packed up my laptop, headset, some choice warm clothing and flew off to Stockholm, Sweden; and from there I worked for Bruin fully remote for two weeks!

Getting that opportunity meant I could spend time with old family and friends that I had not seen for the past 2 years, having fantastic evenings and a few choice weekends with them all while logging on and cracking on with my desk just as if I were in the office with them. And it’s an opportunity that not everywhere might be willing to offer. With the height of COVID having kept everyone apart for so long, I know at least personally that trying to catch up with my own connections both at home and abroad has been a slow and arduous process… so it feels all the sweeter to be able to do that whilst having just as much of my team's support behind me as I would have done in our own offices back in Bank. Knowing my own manager and my colleagues were just a ring away, still catching up and still supporting me in my growth all the same – that’s a personal touch that I haven’t gotten in past firms. It makes the experience here all the more worth it.

So if you’re wondering, “why Bruin?”, then perhaps the above has shed a little bit of light on just how this firm’s different to others out there. If you value getting that human touch where you work, then exploring what we have here to offer should entice you. At least I know it has done for me."


If you are interested in working at Bruin, and seeing all of the benefits & incentives that we offer, click here to see our live roles!

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