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The T on Sabbaticals

Ellen took a 6 month sabbatical to travel and was paid to see the world. Without risking her mortgage, financial stability and leaving behind her long-time colleagues… Ellen’s come back to a job she loves.

How many recruitment businesses do you think there are in the world?

In the UK alone, at the turn of the year there were roughly 23,980.

At the vast majority of those agencies, asking your boss to give you six months off, while they continue to pay money into your bank would produce a raised eyebrow or two. Perhaps a P45. Perhaps just outright laughter.

“It’s the single best thing I’ve ever done in my life. In a normal setting, with a normal employer, it just wouldn’t have been a possibility.”


A lot of recruitment bosses shudder at the thought of their staff taking holiday, let alone a longer period of time off.

Time off, paid for by your boss. Time off which will do both you and your boss the world of good

But life’s all about a balance. You have a life outside of your job that you’d probably like to experience some of. That’s why you’re in recruitment in the first place isn’t it? To make money, so you can have a better life?

Ellen was able to explore Singapore, Australia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Lao, Cambodia, South Africa and Mauritius. Not only was the experience of the trip a huge positive for her, but the after-effects were incredibly positive. And long lasting.

The return to work, to a great job, not having to start again, maintaining her yearly bonus, feeling full of beans has helped her career. And with it, helped the business she’s given lots of her time and efforts to over the years.

“Personally and commercially, this is one of the best offerings I’ve seen in our industry. You get refreshed employees who are truly excited about their adventures, but equally loyal to the business.”

“From a personal perspective there was no negative. I had monthly pay days while on holiday for 6 months. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Advice for Recruiters thinking about taking one?

“Just do it, it will change your life.” There’s nothing to be wary of. You won’t lose any money, you can rent your house or flat out if you go travelling. You can get some of your own time back. Do those things you’ve always wanted to. Whether that’s seeing the world, or simply seeing your family more. Reconnect with your children. Renovate the house.

Whatever you decide to do, do something for you.

Take a sabbatical.

Oh, and if you’re current employer doesn’t offer one, work for one that does.


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